Consultancies and professional service firms face an increasingly competitive market. To achieve growth, it is no longer enough to wait for the phone to ring. Senior consultants now have to sell as part of their role, something many find outside their comfort zone.


Non-sales people often have some "baggage" about sales and that can make them reticent when it comes to working on developing new opportunities. This programme is for those people, who through their consulting or professional services work, could develop and secure fresh opportunities for the firm both with existing clients and new prospects.

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Elite athletes get help with the mental dimension of performance since competing at an elite level can be tough and tools are needed in order to persist and achieve long-term goals. Increasingly, businesses are recognizing that their “overwhelmed employees” need similar tools to work at their optimal level. Without developing skills in resilience and cognitive performance, it is hard to face up to adversity and, in tough times, wellbeing can be a casualty.  


Ian will help your team to:

  • Persist in the tasks that they find challenging

  • Bounce back from adversity

  • Develop confidence and self-belief

  • Cope with workplace stressors


There’s a mountain of evidence about what predicts success in selling and also what influences the likelihood of buyers to make a favourable decision. Although it could be very helpful, it’s almost never put into practice.


We are experts in developing the capabilities that predict success in selling and also in the ways customers think during the buying process. Areas of expertise include:


  • Mental toughness: the qualities that science tells us predicts success in selling – and how to build them

  • Story-telling and narrative: Articulating the "why" and letting go of the PowerPoint deck

  • Behavioural economics: unconscious biases in decision-making

  • Understanding the psychology of the customer

and Organisational Effectiveness

In your 21st century business life you probably feel like a hamster continuously running on a wheel.  It’s all too easy for the important items to lose out to the “urgent”, and for whole days to be absorbed by e-mail.


Ian is an expert in effectiveness, and his book, The Activity Illusion covers areas such as:


  • Focus and cognitive performance

  • Time management and establishing priorities

  • Email management

  • Effective meetings


Psychological research provides solid evidence on the leadership behaviours which drive the best organisational results.


We have worked with many teams and individuals on measuring and growing these aspects. Areas in which work include:


  • 360° feedback

  • Leadership development and coaching

  • Management techniques

  • Performance management

  • Giving and receiving feedback


Performance in a business context often comes down to a presentation whether for selling, internal communication or speaking at an industry conference. Building the skills of a “natural” presenter, learning to ditch PowerPoint and making an emotional connection with the audience are all outputs of Recludo’s workshops.


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