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Sales for consultants

and professional services

Consultancies and professional service firms face an increasingly competitive market. To achieve growth, it is no longer enough to wait for the phone to ring. Senior consultants now have to sell as part of their role, something many find outside their comfort zone.


Non-sales people often have some "baggage" about sales and that can make them reticent when it comes to working on developing new opportunities. This programme is for those people, who through their consulting or professional services work, could develop and secure fresh opportunities for the firm both with existing clients and new prospects.

Case Study: See how Market Gravity used the programme to achieve a 65% increase their sales pipeline 

Ian Price, MD of Recludo Consulting, on selling for consultants  


This is a team development programme aiming to change mindsets. Based on scientific evidence from sports and business psychology, it helps delegates re-frame how they think about sales and their own potential.


Rather than drawing on sales techniques in the traditional sense, it builds the underlying qualities that the science tells us are needed in order to build one's skills in selling: focus, resilience and motivation. Programmes combine PowerPoint-free interactive team workshops with follow-up one-to-one coaching. 

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Expected outcomes

  • Removing fear of selling

  • How to stop being "too busy" for selling

  • Improved business development behaviours

  • A number of highly practical tools

  • The ability to persist

  • Tools to bounce back from negativity


Content will be drawn from evidence-based business psychology, sports performance psychology and neuroscience blended with the founder’s business experience. Here’s just some of the content you can expect:

The ‘S’ Word - Why “sales” is seen as a dirty word. Addressing myths and how research makes us reassess the link between professional services and business development.

Introduction to Mental Toughness – Using knowledge of the brain to find out why our thoughts can get in the way of successful business development.  Delegates will get an understanding of why frustration, negativity and lack of motivation can be a barrier. Tools to manage this are introduced.

Focus - Focus is bringing one’s full mental acuity to the few activities that will drive success. This can be held back by professionals who are often “too busy” to carve out time for sales. So, we look at displacement activities, why they happen and how to avoid slipping into them. 

Resilience - There is good scientific evidence that the best performing business development people have a high level of “GRIT”, or persistence, and are good at dealing with adversity, something inevitable in the business development part of the professional role. These dimensions of mental toughness can be learned, and this segment outlines the tools needed to bounce back from adversity.

To enquire about running this programme, ​please contact the Recludo Team on: 


+44 (0)20 8421 2817


or e-mail:  


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