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Building Mental Toughness for Performance

Why Mental Toughness?


Mental health at work is, rightly, becoming increasingly high-profile. Demands made on teams - whether in sales, customer support or operations - are often tough. In consulting and professional services, teams are asked to sell more as part of their role, something often outside their comfort zone.

Mental toughness is key to building the ability to bounce back from adversity, to developing the grit to persist and to building the ability to focus on tasks that might get lost to avoidance or displacement activity..

Recludo Consulting delivers mental toughness programmes in a number of contexts from leadership and management to building high performance teams. It is a specialist in sales performance with a particular expertise in helping consultants get better at the sales part of their role.


Find out more about Recludo's Sales for Consultants programmes.

 "We learnt tools in the last two days which I can absolutely see myself putting into practice at work,"

A deeper understanding

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Read Ian's book on building a resilient mindset. 

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To hear Ian talk about resilience and mental toughness with the BBC's Simon Mundie, listen to his episode of the podcast Don't Tell Me the Score.

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