High Impact Presentations and Storytelling Workshops

Improving presentation skills is a frequent component in personal development plans. However, this is often less about the skills and techniques of presenting and more about confidence and self-belief.


Without confidence, presenters too frequently default to communicating their own expertise – often with the “crutch” of information-rich PowerPoint slides – rather than communicating meaningfully with the audience and, if required, moving them to action. It also means that training that solely offers skills or confidence “hacks” have little lasting impact as delegates continue to lack the underpinning self-belief to persist in using them.


The ability to deliver high-impact presentations with confidence can be built via these workshops. Using an evidence base from business psychology and neuroscience, delegates’ skills are built from the bottom up.

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Storytelling and its Role in Sales 2016

       Workshop Components


  • Confidence: Why our emotional brain gets rattled at the prospect of presenting

  • The psychology of decision-making: why it can be hard to move people from the status quo or “do-nothing"

  • Presentational style: Why information-rich presentations can send us to sleep

  • Growth Mind-set for presenting: How to build our skills – whatever our starting position

  • The Story: How stories make an emotional connection and accelerate decision making

  • Fundamentals of Storytelling: Lessons from neuroscience

  • Impact: How to maximise personal impact

  • Planning, preparation and rehearsal

  • Role play and putting techniques into practice




     Delegate Outcomes


  • A belief in his/her ability to build their skills and become a confident and impactful presenter

  • The confidence to go without or minimise the use of PowerPoint

  • A coherent plan for developing skills in the future – complete with a peer/“buddy"

  • The opportunity to practice techniques in a safe environment

  • Practical tools for more impactful presentations

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