Resilience Taster Workshops

Why Resilience?

Our taster workshops provide an overview of the programmes Recludo offers to build resilience in high performing teams.

Today’s workplace is demanding and always-on. Change is the-only-constant and the urgent needs of customers and colleagues are sometimes overwhelming. This can put great stress on your people who get worn down by always operating at high alert. 

To keep your teams engaged, feeling good and productive they need help in dealing with these daily demands .They will need a high degree of resilience to cope with and overcome the "slings and arrows" of daily business life. The good news is that resilience involves specific skills and behaviours which can be improved in anyone. This is something you'll find out more about at a workshop.

Next workshop:
Facilitator: Ian Price  (find out more about Ian)
Who should attend: 
  • HR and Learning & Development Leaders
  • Senior Managers and Team Leaders


  • Spend half a day with an introduction to the delegate experience. It’s experiential and PowerPoint free!

  • Go through an overview of the science-based resilience tools, delegate materials and follow-on activities included in the programmes.

  • Take part in practical exercises drawing on the science from fields that include Positive Psychology and elite sports performance.

One of our venues

To enquire about the next workshop, ​please contact the Recludo Team on: 


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Some quotes from delegates of Recludo’s workshops:


“A great day and a great course”

“The best course I’ve ever attended”

“A game-changer.”

“We learned tools in the last two days which I can absolutely see myself putting into practice at work.”



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