Mental Toughness Programmes for Sales Teams

Recludo Consulting's programmes help sales teams to persist and bounce back from adversity. To do this, we employ the latest research from sports and business psychology.

We already know that top athletes get help with mental toughness because sport is a tough business full of adversity. Similarly, sales people win and lose publicly, and so their development needs are closer to those of athletes. Businesses in the twenty-first century reward their sales people well for great performance but are also tough on them. However, they increasingly recognise the need to equip their teams with the right tools to manage and succeed in these environments.


Programmes comprise a combination of team workshops and coaching.

Content Outline

  • A working model of the brain and our emotional reactivity

  • How to carve out time for key tasks such as prospecting

  • The myth of the natural salesperson and how we can develop a growth mindset

  • What the science tells us predicts success in selling

  • How to develop the skills to be resilient in sales and bounce back from adversity

Delegate Outcomes

  • Tools and techniques to persist in all areas of the sales process

  • An ability to manage emotional responses to negative events

  • A desire to grow and improve in all areas of sales performance

  • A clear sense as a team of "this is how we do things around here"

  • A set of clear personal actions in order to improve performance


The sessions are highly interactive and PowerPoint-free.

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Five Signs That Your Sales Team Lacks Mental Toughness


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